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The perfect "coming home" outfit for baby

Posted by Selena McIntyre on

The perfect "coming home" outfit for baby

My cousin and her husband had been trying to have a baby for years. They loved children and couldn't wait to start a family of their own.

Finally, after years of trying, they were pregnant! They were so scared to announce it to everyone because they knew they wouldn't be able to face everyone if they miscarried so they waited 3 months to announce their pregnancy.

Right after we found out they were expecting, they had a gender reveal party where he kicked a football and we all found out that they were having a....


My cousin is very girly and a former Beauty Padgett Queen so our course she was excited (to say the least.)

After months of searching for the perfect "coming home" outfit for her new bundle of joy, she turned to me. I was thrilled to help her with this special task. A "coming home" outfit is one of the most important things a baby will wear.

I took her love of tiaras and padgetts and created this pink and gold Princess onesie. It has a beautiful tiara on it and it's printed to look like glitter, but no glitter is used because I didn't want any to come off on her baby. I also added her daughter's name to make it extra special and a keepsake when she outgrows it.

She was overjoyed and had tears in her eyes when she opened it at her baby shower. She immediately stopped and gave me a huge hug. That's when I knew that I wanted to share this kind of joy with all mothers to be.

This is the beauty of exclusive onesies from Stylish Onesies.

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