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Sometimes it's easier to just give in

Posted by Selena McIntyre on

Sometimes it's easier to just give in

While at a soccer game with my best friend and her 5 year old yesterday, her 5 year old daughter couldn't sit still. She just kept asking if she could go see one of the coaches and my friend kept saying "no."

After about half an hour my friend gave in to her 5 year old and said "okay you can go see the coach, but come right back." Then looked at me and said "Sometimes it's easier to just give in."

My natural reaction was just to say "Yep. You just choose your battles." which is something I find myself saying a lot. But it really got me thinking today...

Is it really better to give in to our children or should we stand firm to our original decision?

What kind of message are we giving our kids if they know they can keep bugging us and eventually get their way?

I too am guilty of "just giving in" to keep peace and to make my life easier. But is parenting really about making our lives easier? Or is it about raising our kids to be the best human beings that they can be?

I was so strong willed with my oldest daughter and never gave in to her once I said no. Then my second daughter came around and turned my world upside down to say the least. With all her medical problems, screaming and lack of sleep I find myself "just giving in" sometimes, which is really just an excuse.

This isn't fair to my oldest daughter, who watches my every move. And it isn't fair to my youngest either. She needs to be told "no" and I need to stick with it once I say it even if it's hard. After-all, I don't want to raise spoiled brats that think everyone should give them everything. 

I hope you can relate to my eye opening experience and stop "just giving in."

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